​fort worth cdl & trucking violation attorney






​fort worth cdl & trucking violation attorney

Individuals who hold commercial driver's licenses may be especially concerned about a CDL violation received in the City of Fort Worth. CDL holders, who include commercial truckers, bus drivers, and firefighters, may face more driving restrictions than the average driver, but are not necessarily out of reach of the services offered by Jack Byno & Associates. Our law firm understands that CDL holders largely depend upon their clean driving records to stay behind the wheel and at work. While ineligible for driving safety courses and deferred adjudication (probation), CDL holders may still benefit from legal counsel provided by our law office. On many occasions, our attorneys can appear on your behalf at your scheduled Municipal Court hearing, so that you do not have to. For additional information on Fort Worth CDL and trucking violations, please see our FAQ page or complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.

Fighting Fort Worth CDL Violations in Court

When CDL holders are pulled over and issued traffic tickets in Fort Worth, and subsequently decide to challenge their violations, there are many factors to be considered by the Municipal Court. These factors can include how fast you were driving when your CDL violation was issued to you, whether or not you were in your personal car, and any previous traffic convictions on your driving record. If you choose to retain Jack Byno & Associates to defend you in court, we may also consider these factors before we decide to plea your case or request a trial.

When dealing with Fort Worth CDL violations, our attorneys may conclude that for some CDL clients, a trial may be the best plan of action for their particular case. In contrast to a plea deal, a trial may offer you a better chance at protecting your driving record and getting back to work sooner rather than later. If there is a chance that the police officer who originally issued you the violation made a mistake in doing so, all evidence may be considered at your trial so that the judge may make a sound decision as to whether or not your CDL violation may be overruled.

Fort Worth Warrants Issued - CDL Violations

​In the case that you hold a commercial driver's license, and have overdue Fort Worth CDL violations, the Fort Worth Municipal Court may take action against you and issue a warrant for your arrest. Arrest warrants issued over outstanding traffic tickets are alarming for any driver, but may be especially concerning for CDL holders, as there livelihoods depend upon their clean driving records and ability to drive legally. At the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, we have been posting bonds and lifting arrest warrants for CDL holders since 1994. Even if you have already been arrested because of overdue violations, our lawyers may be able to post bail for you, thus securing your immediate release from jail, and then defend you at your scheduled hearing. There is a chance that you will not have to appear at your hearing with us, but bear in mind that while on the job, you may experience D.O.T. stops or the State's annual Warrant Roundup.

Questions on Fort Worth CDL Violations?

​Do you have questions or concerns about your Fort Worth CDL or trucking violation? For more information, please visit our FAQ page, complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, or give our law office a call at 817-685-0912.


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