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fort worth traffic ticket attorney - faq page

Can I represent myself in Court?

Yes, you may represent yourself in Court for any traffic ticket.  The benefit of retaining our office is that we have over 20 years of experience fighting tickets in the Fort Worth Municipal Court.  We can appear in court on your behalf saving you time and energy.  It is our goal to keep your ticket off your driving record.

Do I have to come into your office?

Most people do not want to take the time off of work to come into come into our office.  You may call us Monday-Friday form 8:30-4:30 to retain our services or complete a contact form online.  When calling our office, we will need your contact information, the Court you received your ticket in, and the violations you would like us to represent you on.

What happens if I hire you to plea my case?

The same day that you retain our office we will notify the court that we are your Attorney.  The Fort Worth Municipal Court will place your case onto an "Attorney docket" for us to appear on your behalf.  We will request deferred adjudication (probation) to keep the violation off your driving record.  After we find out how much your fine amount will be we will notify you via US mail with instructions.

Do I have to appear in Court?

Most of the cases that we are hired to PLEA are done without the defendant being present.  There may, however, be a situation regarding your particular case that may require an appearance by you.  If this is the case we would notify your to be present with an Attorney from our office.

If you retain our office to set your case for a TRIAL you would be required to appear at both the Pre-Trial and Trial dockets.  Our office will notify your via US mail of any required Court appearances.

What else do I have to pay?

The fee that you pay to retain our office is for the work done on your case, it does not include any court fees. If you are granted deferred adjudication (probation) on your case you will be required to pay a fee set by the Court.  We will notify you of any Court fees and due dates.  Payments for the Fort Worth Municipal Court must be in the form of a money order, made payable to the Court.  All fees must be provided to the Court by the due date listed on your instruction letter.  Our office will hand deliver your money order to the Court with the required paperwork.  If you mail your payment directly to the Court you violation will be a conviction on your driving record.

Will this ticket go on my driving record?

Our main goal is to keep your ticket off of your driving record.  If you are granted deferred adjudication (probation) on your ticket and follow all instructions then the ticket will not be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  It is important that all Court fees be received by our office so that an Attorney can hand deliver your payment with the correct paperwork.  

If I let my insurance lapse, can you help me?

If you did not have valid proof of liability insurance at the date and time of your ticket being issued your insurance violation will not be dismissed.  We can, however, still help you to keep the ticket off your driving record.  At this time the Fort Worth Municipal Court Judges are granting deferred adjudication (probation) to defendants who provide proof of current insurance.  A condition of your probation may be to provide proof of maintaining insurance throughout your probation period.

How will you notify me of the outcome?

Once our office receives an offer from the Court regarding your case we will notify you via US mail.  We will follow up with a telephone call to make sure you received our letter.  It is very important to follow all written and verbal instructions regarding your Fort Worth ticket because if you are granted deferred adjudication (probation) we must have your money order in hand to accept the offer.​

Can my warrant be lifted?

Our office can assist you with your Fort Worth Municipal Court warrants as long as you have not entered into a plea agreement or payment plan with the Court.  The Fort Worth Municipal Court requires Attorneys to hand deliver an appearance bond for each warrant issued.  Your warrant will be active until the Judge signs the appearance bond.

How long will it take to lift my warrant?

Since the Fort Worth Municipal Court requires all Attorney appearance bonds to be hand delivered the time frame may vary.  We will make every attempt to have your warrant lifted as soon as possible.  The time frame may vary based on the time of day we are retained, the Attorney's schedule and the Court's schedule.  When we are hired we will be able to give you a more accurate time frame.

Will I have to take a driving safety course?

If you were under 25 years old when you received your ticket the current Texas State Law requires you to complete a driving safety course as a condition of your probation.  Depending on your driving record and what you were charged with the Judge may add a driving safety course to your conditions of probation.  We will notify you via US mail if you are required to take a Texas State approved driving safety course.​

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